"Toužil jsem prospěti vědě a vlasti své."
Dr. Emil Holub

Kyla na Americkém velvyslanectví

On September 19th, I had the opportunity to attend a reception at the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic’s residence. This invitation was extended to me and my fellow Fulbright grantees, who are stationed across the country, and our mentors and headmasters/headmistresses. As this reception we were all greeted as honored guests and given the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the other grantees, and the US diplomats that were present. Nearly all of the embassy staff who interact with the Fulbright program were present. They extended their services to us and told us about the importance of using the embassy as a tool to promote mutual understanding between our nation and the Czech nation. While dining on the fanciest American finger food available (pigs in blankets, skewered meat) we all discussed what we are hoping to accomplish with the grant and how our interactions with our adopted Czech communities are going thus far. After all was said and done the embassy staff extended the option to all Fulbright grantees to invite the Ambassador to tour our schools and visit with our students. I hope that this will materialize and later this year the students get to meet the individual who is responsible for facilitating relationships between our two countries, especially on the centennial of the diplomatic relationship between our nations.

03.10.2017 / Kyla Patterson
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